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Tombow Pit Air Mini Glue Tape - Ash Color 2023 - Taupe

Tombow Pit Air Mini Glue Tape - Ash Color 2023 - Taupe

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It is a big announcement to proudly recommend Tombow 2023 Limited Edition "Ash Color" Series Glue Tape! ☆

This innovative tape dispenser features an air touch system, allowing for remarkably light tape application from start to finish. Compared to Tombow Pencil's previous products, it requires 56% less force to initiate tape dispensing and 45% less force when there are 2 meters of tape remaining. The mechanism utilizes the pressure of the head touching the paper to "run" the tape and stops when lifted, ensuring smooth and efficient tape application.

The tape itself is highly reliable, offering exceptional adhesion on both flat and curved surfaces, thanks to our proprietary "Power Net Tape" with superior adhesive strength. Its curved surface adhesion is five times stronger than conventional Tombow Pencil products, enhancing the reliability of sealed applications. Additionally, we've significantly reduced the noise produced during tape dispensing to half, making it suitable for quiet environments like libraries, classrooms, and lectures.

Furthermore, we've designed a rotating "full head cover" that not only protects against dust when transporting but also seamlessly integrates with the main unit for convenience and worry-free usage. Smart design prevents the cover from getting in the way when applying glue.

Width: 6 mm / 0.2 inch
Length: 10 m / 393.7 inch

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