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Vintage Autumn Washi Tape - Set of 7

Vintage Autumn Washi Tape - Set of 7

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This beautiful Vintage Autumn washi tape set is perfect for scrapbooking, decorating planners, and calendars. This set creates 7 rolls of washi tape in different sizes with Vintage Autumn as the theme, which includes old school watches, shoulder bags, maple leaves, beverages, etc.

We can easily stick a washi tape, unpeel it, and move it to a different spot - this is especially convenient when making ever-changing schedules. It can be cut with scissors to create a clean edge or torn by hand to create a more textured look.

5mm x 3m x 3 rolls
15mm x 3m x 2 rolls
25mm x 3m x 1 roll
30mm x 3m x 1 roll
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